Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowtastic Birthday Surprise Giveaway

It's my Birthday weekend, and we are in the midst of a beautiful snow storm.  So since I can't go out to celebrate today, I thought I would host a Birthday giveaway for all my wonderful readers.  I will be using the Rafflecopter at the end of this blog for you to enter to win this Carved Christmas Wood Sign.
It is the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!!!  

Take a peek at what my WONDERFUL world looks like today!  
 We took a drive this morning to get a few last minute "pre-winter storm" things and this is what it looked like.  
 It's so pretty when everything is white.
 The roads up closer to my house on the hill are covered much more than as we went down the hill.  
 This was just a pretty house as we drove by.  I love beautiful scenery.
 Getting down our hill (which I like to call a mountain, but my hubby corrects me and says it's just a hill), has switchback roads and big curves as you go down.  
 Part of the small town below us.  Yes it looks cold outside. 
 We chose to go into Ansonia, CT today and this is what the roads looked like there.  
Got to love it when you see all the snow plows hard at work today.  (I pray those guys get their overtime now, and that their Christmas is a quiet one for them!)
 This guy in my side rear view mirror is a site I never used to see in FL!  :)
 As we headed back home, here is a photo of us sitting at the stop light at the bottom of our hill (mountain) and the arrow at the top of the photo shows where our house is.  Our back yard looks over this edge!  
 Heading back up our hill, roads were really OK…not too bad.  
 As we got closer to home on top of my hill, the roads were much more covered.  
 I love the view of it all covered in white, roads and all.  I know I am crazy, but it is SO pretty.  
 Forecast today is calling for 8-12"…we will see what today brings.  
 Alex is hoping come Monday morning this road still looks like this…he wants a snow day and wished this was Sunday night instead of Saturday!  
This is our neighborhood.  
 And there is my snow covered beauty on the left.  Where I plan to get cozy and stay warm today.  
 Our road looking from our house.  
Here is our snow covered house.  
 And yes that steep down hill driveway will be fun to shovel tomorrow.  :)
 So pretty.  Now I know why everyone up here decorates for Christmas almost before Thanksgiving and leaves it up all winter….too cold to do it in the midst of this kind of weather. 
 Here is my little girl…she doesn't really like this weather.  She would prefer being with Family in Florida instead!
 But our big girls sure LOVE this weather.  
They LOVE to run and wrestle in it.  
 This is where my little girl prefers.  In my lap and this is probably where I will be for most of my Birthday weekend!!!  :)
 My view out our living room windows.  It really is "SNOW" pretty!
And here is our Christmas mantel.  All the decorating I did this year, as we will be spending Christmas with Family this year!

So NOW for the part you were waiting for.  Here is the giveaway for this sign!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are a few more signs you might like to take a peek at:

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  1. Hi Pam
    Your snow looks wonderful. I love your mantel. I'd love to win this beautiful sign

  2. I forgot I don't really have any birthday traditions but yours sounds lovely.

  3. We don't really have much of a birthday tradition around my house.Every year my husband forgets to buy candles....that is kind of a tradition. HA! Thanks! Have a great Christmas. Looks beautiful...and COLD in those pics.

  4. Oh, your home is so beautiful!! And your town it is so sweet and pretty covered in snow! That was so fun for me to "see" where you live!! My favorite birthday tradition we started about 3 years ago is that everyone in the family draws a picture or writes a nice birthday message for the birthday person, and we put them on their bedroom door while they sleep and decorate it with balloons and crate paper! It is nice to wake up to love notes from your family on your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday Pam!

  5. You can see that you like to write.