Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How I Did It...How I Lost 35lbs...Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled chicken was a staple for me during my cleanse.  It isn't rocket science and although I was able to cook mine on our Big Green Egg, this could be done on any grill or even in the oven.  (BUT, I will make a note that the smokey BGE goodness is definitely my favorite way to cook it!!!)

3 chicken breasts
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 real lime juiced
lime zest

  • Coat chicken breast with olive oil
  • Mix all seasonings together, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, pepper and sprinkle on chicken breast.
  • Add lime zest to chicken breast.
  • Cook on BGE at 350 degrees with plate setter in(diffused heat) grill directly on grate for about 20 mins or until chicken internal temp reaches 160.  (I added Apple wood chips to my charcoal for extra flavor in the smoked taste!)
  • Bring in off grill and allow to cool for 5mins.  This allows the juices to redistribute back into chicken.  
  • Squeeze 1/2 lime over top of chicken before serving.

I used this chicken during my cleanse for healthy protein.  I added it to my salads or ate it fresh with hot veggies.  Either way it was great.  I tried to cook ahead a few to have on hand to easily reheat too.  Otherwise to make in oven, use same directions.  Heat oven to 350.  Be careful to not OVER COOK in oven this will dry it out.  I would even recommend under cooking to 155 internal temp in oven and allowing it to sit out of oven for 5-8 mins until it reaches the internal temp of 165.  Remember food continues to cook when removed from oven.  So plan accordingly.  

So simple and yummy.  If you don't have a BGE, same directions will work on any grill.  

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Continue to check back this week.  I will continue to share more recipes that have helped me lose weight.  


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