Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm back!

Life Happens...

Well what can I say...It's been since March of 2014 since I have posted.  Many things have happened in this time.  And one major thing is that I have worked on getting myself healthier.  I have lost over 35 pounds and feel amazing!  This next week is my birthday and for my birthday week, I plan to post about how I lost so much weight and share a few healthier recipes with you guys.  

I hope you stay turned for my "How I Did It" series.  

Today I wanted to take a moment to also tell you about a great company called Influenster.  If you have never heard of it, it is basically where you can review products, and read reviews of other products.  Its becoming a great go-to place to find out what others think of a product before you buy it.  They also allow you to participate in certain Campaigns and sometimes even will send you a VOXBOX totally FREE so you can try out and tell others on your Social Media what you thought of the products that they sent you.  

I had the pleasure recently of receiving a VOXBOX from Influenster for FREE.  And I would like to say it came at a great time.  I received a Vaseline box with their Intensive Care Advanced Repair.  Living in CT in winter means needing advanced repair.  

Well after using this for over 3 weeks, I have found that I really do like it.  And here is why:

1.  Fragrance Free was a big PLUS for me...I really don't like smelly lotions.
2.  NOT greasy.  I love how my skin absorbed this without a greasy feeling.  
3.  Healed!  My husband has a bald head and during the winter months it gets dry from the cold weather, heat on and hats worn on his noggin'.  He also uses this Vaseline now and it has repaired his scalp too.  No more dry skin.

So all in all, I would give this product a two thumbs up!!!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
If you are looking for a good moisturizing lotion this winter be sure to check out this newer Vaseline product.  I have enjoyed it.  

Well I hope everyone is having a great December.  Be sure to check back with me next week for my "How I Did It" series about how I lost over 35 lbs this summer!  


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