Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daytona 500 Sketch

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"Gentleman...Start Your Engines!"  Well today is the Daytona 500, biggest race of the year in Nascar.  My sons are excited and I was challenged by one of them that I couldn't sketch the Daytona I did.  Not bad for a quick Sunday morning sketch all done in pencil!  

My month of sharing my art sketches on here is quickly coming to a close.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the things I can draw or create.  I will continue to share on occasion, but if you would like to follow my daily art be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will continue to share art daily.  Some I've created, some from my favorite artists and even an occasional quote of the day.  

I am working on rebranding and creating a new blog.  I will be debuting it in March.  Stick around for the big announcement!  

I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday!  

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