Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't Fear Spring Is Near - Hand Lettered

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Oh I really can not wait for Spring!  I am a true southern girl living in New England and I am over winter once again!  The snow is pretty.  And having lived in places like TN or KY where you might get one good snow storm a year (ok, maybe two:) and everybody is excited for it(well almost everyone), it is pretty and it shuts everything down for days for just a few inches (yes I know some places in KY saw about 6-8in of snow this week...and that stinks too!)....this New England winter where it snows for feet at a time, and you still go to school and work, isn't so fun!  Plus the -20 wind chills are discouraging to even the birds outside!  (Can anyone tell I'm a Florida girl at heart?  I grew up where 50 degrees was considered really cold! And we wore sweatshirts with our shorts when it hit 70 degrees.)

OK, enough of my rant on winter...this art work was meant to be positive.  I believe Spring will officially be here in 30 more days!  Wow about a month away!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!  

So get excited and tell everyone spring is just around the corner!!!  (Now if only Mother Nature will listen too!)  

My sketch above was a quick sketchbook sketch that I scanned digitally and spiced it up.  Here is what it looked like in my sketchbook.
hand lettered, doodleart, doodle, drawing, sketchbook, spring,
It's all hand drawn and hand lettered.  I have enjoyed taking Mary Kate McDevitt's class on First Steps of Hand Lettering on Skillshare.  

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