Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sketchbook February

Sketchbook February

Sketching, drawing, painting, and digitally enhancing have been just a few things I have been working on lately.  I really love to create and have a strong desire to try and get better and better.  So this month I have challenged myself, (while in the height of my winter hibernation up here in the north) to not only create, but to share daily on my blog what I am creating.  I realize that many days you will get to see finished products and some days I will have to share a work in progress.  But regardless I am challenging myself to share for the next 28 days without fail.  I hope you enjoy and tag along to see what I am working on.  

If you like a creation, let me know....I need all the feedback I can get.  I am truly the hardest critic of myself.  Today, to kick it off, I would like to share two things.  First I would like to show you my cover of my new February sketchbook.  
doodling, drawing

Completely hand sketched by ME!  This is just a rough doodle sketch that I created in pen, so no erasing at all.  

Next I would like to share a new type of sketch/artwork that I am beginning to get into.  And today being Super Bowl Sunday this was a creation I just couldn't resist to create for my Patriot loving son!!!  Go Pats!!!  So this one was sketched in pencil (lots of erasing), and then drawn in pen.  Then I took it digitally to enhance it.  I had fun creating a little magic with it on favorite photo editing of all time.  I am just waiting on them to develop an app for my mobile devices and then I will be all set!!!  If you haven't tried at least the free version of PicMonkey, I highly recommend it.  It's amazing what you can do on it.  
drawing, sketching football
UPDATE:  For all my friends that are crazy Seahawks fans (I say that lovingly!) is a version just for you guys!!!
drawing, sketchbook, Seahawks, Seattle

Well that's all for today.  Be sure to check back every few days to see what I have created next.  

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