Thursday, February 5, 2015

Zentangle Seal

zentangle, tangled art, drawing, doodling
Zentangle is "an easy to learn, fun, and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns." Quoted from

I started creating a few of these types of drawings by just looking through images I found on both Pinterest and Google.  I was amazed at not only the amount of Zentangling Art Work out there, but after reading a lot about it, I also found just how therapeutic it can be.  The original Zentangle art form was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and they have a website with a ton of information about it which can be found HERE!  I love the story of how Zentangle got started.  You can read it HERE

I have worked on quite a few different things since I started.  Everything from an easy just line design to actual pictures like my friend this little Seal here.  He is fun and I like creating more than just a random design.  
zentangle, tangled art, drawing, doodling
Throughout this month you will get to see more of my tangles as I plan to create a few more fun designs along with my other sketching.  Here are a few of my beginning Zentangles.
zentangle, tangle art, drawing, doodling, sharpie art zentangle, tangle art, drawing, doodling, sharpie art
Inspired yet?  I've really found a ton of patterns and examples out there by just googling "Zentangle".  I have also began to create a Pinterest Board just for Zentangle ideas.  So be sure to check it out if you are interested in seeing more designs.  

This is a part of my month long Sketchbook Challenge.  I will be posting for the entire month of February a different piece of art from my daily sketchbooks.  I hope you enjoy and maybe follow along on my Facebook Page.  

Have an amazing TANGLED day!!!  

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