12 Weeks of Amazing Mac N Cheese

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Here is the start of 12 amazing Mac N Cheese Recipes:

Week 1 - McAndy's Creamy Mac N Cheese - In our house Mac N Cheese is not only a staple, but it is a must make every single week.  My oldest son Andy LOVES Mac N Cheese.  It is his absolute favorite must have food.  So we all get tired of it the same way and he likes it all ways....so in our house we love to experiment with some great Mac N Cheese recipes.  We all have our favorite.  The first one I am sharing with you today, is Andy's favorite (today, haha) and was created by my husband.  So it's a total original recipe.  I hope you enjoy.  I like this one because it is creamy and full of great cheese.  (continue reading)

Week 2 - Easy Penne Mac N CheeseWeek 2 of our Mac N Cheese 12 weeks, finds us making our easy penne pasta.  I like this version, because it is quick but still tasty!  Also still almost as creamy as Week 1's recipe.  (continue reading)

Week 3 - Baked Super Cheesy Mac N CheeseIf you are new to this site, this is the third week of 12 weeks of Mac N Cheese.  This is a great make ahead mac n cheese for a group or party function.  This is one I like to take to others houses, because I can fix all the way up to the baking point, then just bake at wherever I am going for the last 20 mins to heat up for serving.  Also it is still very cheesy and smooth.  The Gouda adds a nice flavor to the mix.  As I have said in my other Mac N Cheese postings, my son is an absolute Mac N Cheese lover.  This is another of his favorites!  (continue reading)

Week 4 - Spicy Buffalo Mac N Cheese -This week we went with a little different variety and made our Buffalo Mac N Cheese.  Although we LOVE to put hot sauce even in our normal mac n cheeses, we usually only add about a teaspoon to give it flavor.  This week's Mac N Cheese has over 1/2 cup of Franks Hot Sauce.  As we like to say, "kickin' it up a notch"!    (continue reading)

Week 5 - Alfredo Ham Mac N CheeseThis week's Mac N Cheese is an Alfredo version.  We also added meat to this one.  We don't always do that, but sometimes it helps to get kids to eat their protein too.  Especially those who just want Mac N Cheese all the time (we have one of those!!!). (continue reading)

Week 6 - Fried Mac N Cheese -This week's Mac N Cheese was discovered in our experimenting to make a Cheesecake Factory type Fried Mac N Cheese.  My Mac N Cheese lover happens to order this every time we go to Cheesecake Factory.  So we decided to make one just as good, if not better.  I believe this recipe is just a little creamier than Cheesecake Factory, only because that is how we like our Mac N Cheese.  (continue reading)

Week 7 - Bacon Cheddar Mac N CheeseThis week is week 7 of our 12 Weeks of Mac N Cheese series.  Featuring our Bacon Cheddar Mac N Cheese this week, and boy is it creamy!  This one is SO cheesy we don't let our little lactose intolerant one eat it!  So we only make this edition for special occasions.  I will say this is always a huge hit with kids.  And really who doesn't LOVE bacon!!!  (continue reading)

Week 8 -  Maple Sausage Mac N Cheese -This week's version of Mac N Cheese came about from the inspiration from our son Andy.  Andy is definitely our Mac N Cheese lover in the house.  He likes it almost every way.  (Buffalo is the ONLY one I have seen him not eat so far, he doesn't like HOT food!)  A few weeks ago he was having Sunday morning breakfast and we were beginning to sit out the things we needed for that week's Mac N Cheese and as Andy ate sausage he kept trying to tell us to add sausage to that week's recipe (see Andy speaks in sign language, so sometimes we don't always understand on first try what he means).  He stayed persistent and we finally realized he liked the sausage he was eating for breakfast so much he wanted it in his mac n cheese too.  Well that week it wasn't going to work with the flavors we had chosen, but we decided to make a special recipe just for Andy.   (continue reading)

Week 9 - Barbecue Mac N Cheese -I have to start by admitting, I am addicted to good Barbecue!  And I have always thought Mac N Cheese deserves a place at a good barbecue.  Being Big Green Egg owners, it was imperative to find a great BBQ Mac N Cheese recipe that we love.  We have been playing around with ingredients for weeks to finally bring you our own version of BBQ Mac N Cheese!  It is very yummy if I should say so myself!!!  (continue reading)

Week 10 - Tasty Low-Fat Mac N CheeseAfter 9 weeks of very cheesy, creamy, high calorie Mac N Cheese, I decided to try my hand at a Low-Fat version of our yummiest.  My challenge to this was to NOT lose the flavor of our amazing Mac N Cheese recipes.  I believe this recipe does just that!  Lightened up, but continues to have a great taste. (continue reading)

Week 11 - Hamburger Mac N CheeseI chose to make a traditional Mac N Cheese for you this week, our Hamburger Mac N Cheese.  We do use a few different cheeses in it.  I like how this has the flavor of a cheeseburger, but the creamy goodness of Mac N Cheese.   (continue reading)

Week 12 - 4 Cheese Exotic Mac N Cheese -WEEK 12!!!  I can't believe it the whole 12 week series is over.  12 AMAZING Mac N Cheese recipes to share with you.  It ends with my absolute favorite...a creamy mac n cheese made with a few wonderful different cheese that has just the right amount of bite.  One of the things I love about this recipe is you can serve it right from the stove top OR you can prepare early and bake in an oven for reheating or even on a grill, like the Big Green Egg.  Makes for a great "Take to a Cookout" kind of recipe!   (continue reading)

Baker's Dozen Addition - Big Green Egg Mac N CheeseOur Family definitely has a love for good Mac N Cheese.  It has a little something to do with our oldest son Andy who absolutely would admit Mac N Cheese is his all time favorite food.  The rest of us like to keep changing up his favorite food with trying new recipes.  We did 12 Weeks of Mac N Cheese earlier this week and truly spent 12 weeks sharing with you guys our favorite of our Mac N Cheese recipes that we have made so far. (continue reading)

I hope you enjoyed these 
Mac N Cheese recipes!  
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