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These are all helpful tips that I have written about in the past.  Please click on a picture or text link to see more about each tip.

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IOS7 Mystery Email Deleted -Anyone else having issues with that silly RED circle floating above your mail icon on your iPad or iPhone that just won't go away no matter what you delete or open???  Well I did....and a few other readers did too.  A few people even reached out and asked me "How do I fix this?"  So I figured if it was bothering me, it was probably bothering someone else too.   (continue reading)

PicMonkey TutorialToday I got the pleasure of training many of my Nomad├ęs sisters in some PicMonkey "How-To's"!!!  I wanted to share a step by step feature of one of the photos we edited during our training, for those that didn't get to join in and for anyone else who is just beginning to use PicMonkey!!!  I absolutely love this photo editing program online.  It's FREE....and they have a royal version too, but it's amazing how much you can do with just the free version!   (continue reading)

iPhone IOS7 Tips & TricksOK, I'm no expert, but here is a quick list of things I found new on IOS7 update.  Change is sometimes difficult for me, and having the knowledge of what has changed helps the transition.  SO here's to hoping this also helps someone else with the transition to the very new operating system!!!  (continue reading)

iPhone Battery Life Tip -For all my iPhone and iPad using friends here is a new trick that I just discovered that I knew would be fun to share.  My iphone was suddenly losing battery very not staying charged even half a day after charging it all night.  So I googled....amazing what you can find if you google.  Here is what I found....and it worked immensely for both my iPhone and my iPad....if you are also struggling with low battery life, I say it is a must do!!!   (Continue Reading)

PicMonkey Facebook Timeline Photos:PicMonkey is so easy to use.  Make a Facebook Timeline Cover photo collage in just a few minutes!  (continued reading)

PicMonkey Tutorial for beginnersHave you ever wondered how so many people can make COOL looking photos with graphics on top of them?  Well I have found PicMonkey to be one of the easiest tools around to use.  It is incredibly user friendly and it allows you to do SO many cool things with it for FREE!!!  (Yes you read that right, FREE!)  (continue reading)

Busy Life?  5 Steps to Bring Back the CalmNo kidding, life sometimes has a way of taking us all in and pushing us under the water with more tasks than any sane person could possible tackle in one day.  Admittedly I have been known to feel like this a lot.  When I do, it is usually because I haven't planned well or set my priorities as to what is most important and I am trying to be all to everyone.  Sometimes it is just LIFE that can place a twist on a perfectly planned day.  If I have learned one thing in my many years as a busy Military Spouse, that prioritizing is a must, but flexibility is important too.  Once I realize that I can't do it all, I can get SO much more accomplished.  (This is ESPECIALLY true during deployment....but can happen at any time!) (continue reading) 

I Believe - Military Style -One of my favorite quotes is from Audrey Hepburn.  She says it all so well and all of her "I believe's" are things I believe! I really wanted to add to her list, so here is my list of I believe's in Military Style!  

I believe in Red, White & Blue!
I believe that deployments will happen.
I believe in finding the joy in every moment, the good and the bad!   (continue reading)

Creative Care Packages -Who doesn't love to get a Care Package.  Well when you are deployed a million miles away, or out to sea or even away at college...Care Packages can be the one thing that brings a smile to your face.  These ideas were intended for those supporting a military love one, but I've seen the same tips and tricks used to send to any family member or loved one that is away from home.    (continue reading)

  • Change is good....embrace it!
  • PCS is inevitable, prepare for it.
  • Don't shop at the Commissary on or near payday.
  • Good friends become new Family....treat them well!

Moving your Google Reader Blogs to BlogLovin' -Whether you realize it or not as of July 1st Google Reader will be no more.  I wasn't sure how I felt about this, as I have collected quite a few of my favorite blogs in my Reader.  I liked it better than all the email that comes with subscribing to everything you like.  I tried that too.  But since Google Reader is going away, I have been using BlogLovin' for about 2 months now....just to see how I like it.   (continue reading)

iPhone 4 Power Button Issues?  Try this...If you have an iPhone 4 and are having issues with your Power button since the last update, here is a tip that helped me tremendously today.  Since I have done the last iPhone update, my Power button only randomly wants to work.  So, I did my searching and on the Apple Support Forum I found this tip.  (continue reading)

Helpful tips to grow my blog.
10 Blogging TipsProbably the hardest thing to do in creating a new blog, when new to blogging, is figuring out how to get others to read your blog.  Honestly, this has been my struggle from the start.  I have dear friends that read my blog, and I love them for that....but I wanted to know how to get followers beyond my friends. So I began my research and here are a few tips and pointers I have found along the way. (continue reading)

6 Steps to Survive the Dreaded Goodbye -  Goodbyes are extremely hard.  I don't care if your goodbye is for a Soldier going off to war, if your child is going off to college, if you have a friend moving, if your husband is traveling for a few days, or if you have lost a dear person in your life.  Goodbyes whether short term or long term, are just painful.  (continue reading)

Organizational Tool that has changed my way of shopping -Just in case you are like me and always want to be just a little more organized, then you have to keep reading and see my very favorite product that I have used all fall and definitely will continue to use it!  It is a shopping companion book.  OK, so you are probably saying, I don't need any help shopping, but it definitely has helped not only keep me organized with grocery shopping, but helps me save money too.  (continue reading)

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