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Snowed InThe sign sums up our house today.  Let's just say "Snowed In" has an all new meaning to me.  Today we ventured beyond our own back yard and mailbox.   We walked the neighborhood as the sun was out and the wind had stopped and boy were we surprised what we saw.  Let's just say we thought our own driveway was bad, but we quickly figured out even if we cleared our driveway that we still wouldn't be able to go anywhere.  Here is a look at our neighborhood roads!  (continue reading)

Nemo is here - More blizzard photosWell as the day continued on, the snow just kept falling.  As you can see above, not all of us were crazy about venturing out in it.  My little LuLu (our 3lb Yorkie) was not excited at all.  She even was wearing her snow jacket, but she didn't think that would help.  She has such a personality.  (continue reading)

Nemo Blizzard 2013 - Early PostWell it is my first blizzard in Connecticut.  So far I have survived Hurricane Sandy (who would have thought I would have to move to New England to live through that!), a few snow storms, and now officially a blizzard.  Can't get much more weather exciting than this!  So I thought I would share photos with you as it comes.   (continue reading)

Moments in TimeGood morning....and welcome to the New Year.  OK, well I am a week late, but right on schedule.  See I am very much committed to my family and until my entire family went back to normal, I was committed to not "working"....even though I love my blog, it is really just a thing I do for entertainment, when everyone else in my house is busy and away.  So since I had the PLEASURE of having my daughter home until Jan 7th, I chose not to start back at my blog until after she left.    :O)  (continue reading)

Happier at HomeBeing happy in my own home has always been something I strive for.  Making the most of where I am and what we are doing at the phase of life we are in, is something the Army has helped me learn.  I made the comment to my husband that the Army taught me to make the most of the moment, and he disagreed with me and said, "No that is something you figured out all by yourself, because there are many people living the military life that aren't happy where they are and never will be."  Wow pretty powerful statement from someone who hasn't lived in our own house 3 out of the last 6 years, because of deployments.  He really made me think about what makes me Happy at Home...  (continue reading)

Life Just HappensThat's my quote of the seems like no matter how good of intentions I have, many things pull me away from my daily want to blog.  BUT in the last week, we have had some very good reasons to pull me away and some fun ones too.  Here is a peak into what I have been up to this past week!!!  (continue reading)

 Aerial Park FunOn a last minute whim, we decided to go try the aerial park in Bridgeport, CT, hoping it wasn't too crowded.  Well to our surprise it wasn't.  Dave, Cami and Alex all decided to climb.  And I was able to follow underneath the trees with my camera and long lens.  Many of the obstacles were very fun....a little challenging and definitely high in the air.  None of my crew had any difficulties.  They began on a green trail and then went quickly to a harder blue trail and loved every minute of it.  Even when they had to wait on the aerial park staff to retrieve a girl ahead of them that decided she was too scared to continue any more.  :O)  (continue reading)

 Happy Fall Y'all -  So excited to have all my kids and husband together for a weekend.  Here are a few photos we snapped yesterday to make sure we can cherish this time together!!!  (continue reading)

 Such a blessing -Blessings come in so many forms.  And just at times that you least expect it.  We received a huge blessing this week and it still amazes me.  I know, I know God is Great....and he will provide, but I have to admit I am truly amazed!!!   (continue reading)

 I LOVE when friends come to visit -I got to enjoy the great company of one of my dearest friends this past weekend.  I just wished she was still my next door neighbor.  We had such a fun visit.  We attended the Temple/UConn football game on Saturday....thanks to her son Connor who plays for Temple.  My boys LOVE football and they really LOVED the game, Temple won in OT 17-14!  Go Owls!!! (continue reading)

 Turkey DayAMAZING!!!  That is what wildlife that just comes strolling by your house window is....AMAZING. Too bad that while Dave's parents were here, we didn't see any of these.  But as soon as they leave, I have had these guys in my front yard both days in a row.  Here are a few shots from yesterday, and you can see they are good size turkeys.  (continue reading)

Coastal ConnecticutThis weekend we enjoyed company as Dave's parents were here visiting.  It was fun to show them around a little.  We wished we had better weather, but at least it wasn't too cold.  We were able to show them around the Milford/West Haven coast and here are a few of the views they saw.  (continue reading)

Guest Room ready for companyFor anyone wondering, my guest room is officially ready.  Our first company arrives tomorrow, and I am so excited.  Here is a peek at the updated bedding and room!  (continue reading)

New House PhotosSo as of today we have been here in the house for 6 weeks....boy time flies when you are unpacking boxes and setting up a house!!!  As we begin to really get settled the weather is slowly starting to change for us to the fall.  So I have also added a few outside the house photos to show the color that is yet to come!!!  :O)  Here are some of my latest photos of the house inside and out.  Just a few views of how we are settling in.  (continue reading)

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