Thursday, February 21, 2013

Modpodged Monogrammed Letter Tutorial

In the midst of trying to update my house for the upcoming Spring, that I am SO looking forward to, I decided that I wanted to make a monogram letter of our last name.  And to make it very springy, I decided to modpodge some of my favorite scrapbooking papers to it.  So easy to do.

I actually have a great workshop in my garage with a lot of handy tools.  So I just printed my letter design I wanted onto an 8.5x11 sheet of computer paper.  I then traced it onto a piece of thin plyboard, some of my leftovers pieces from Christmas crafts.  And used my jigsaw to cut it out.  It was a little rough around the edges, so I just sanded the edges a little smoother.  Here is how it turned out.

Don't look too hard, you will see the imperfections.  :O)  If you don't have the tools or the time, craft stores sell wooden letters like this that you can start with.

Here are the simple steps to the rest of the project:

1.  Cut scrap paper into small pieces in different sizes.  I started out by cutting up just a few, and decided that cutting what I needed as I went was the best way to do this.  I cut squares, rectangles, and triangles.  Some filler shapes were totally uneven and used to fill a small space.

2.  I used modpodge to glue them down to the letter.  I slowly worked my way all around the letter, covering every bit of it.

(for my friend and avid know who you are...I am putting good use to all the boxes we have!;o)

3.  Once it was completely covered, I then put three coats of modpodge over top, letting each coat dry before adding another.  (I decided to use 2 coats of regular modpodge and then the last coat was sparkle modpodge just to add a nice glitter in the sunlight on my mantle!)

I loved the way it turned out.  Take a look at how I have fit it into my mantel decor.  I hope to use it for all of this spring!  It had enough green in it to fit into the St. Paddy Day items here.

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