Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halloween Graveyard Signs (Homemade how to's)

Throughout the years, we have hosted quite a few Halloween parties, and it seems like our Halloween decor as grown.  We have had fun creating lots of homemade decor that is easy to make.  

One of our projects that we have created is our own tombstones.  We made these out of styrofoam and used a Dremel to carve out the letters.  Here are a few tips and tricks that helped us create this fun decor. 

Items Needed:

  • 3/4 inch styrofoam (You can purchase this at a hardware store or a craft store.  We bought larger sheets of styrofoam and cut what we wanted to size, cheaper this way.)
  • Printer and paper
  • Adhesive spray
  • Dremel to carve with the engraving bit.
  • Acrylic paint (don't use spray paint, it will melt the styrofoam)
  • Dowel rods
  • Gorilla glue
  • Small battery operated lights

1.  Cut styrofoam to size.  
2.  Print a words to carve on regular paper
3.  Gently spray paper to with words to carve with adhesive spray and lay onto the styrofoam.  DO NOT SPRAY adhesive directly onto styrofoam.
4.  Use Dremel with engraving bit to carve out the letters.  I carved directly through the paper.  
5.  I painted the carved letters black before removing the extra paper around letters.  Once black is painted into letters then remove rest of adhesive letters.
6.  Paint rest of styrofoam a mix of light grays.  I blended a few shades of gray to give them a weathered look.  
7.  Drill dowel hole into bottom of styrofoam, and glue in dowel rods so you can use these to press into ground for placement.  
8.  When placing in yard, best sturdy way to keep them in place is to add graveyard dirt in front of and slightly behind your tombstones.  Like a freshly dug grave!  
9.  To help them be seen at night, place a small battery operated push on light in front of each grave.  It gives it just enough light to read, but still that eery feel.  

Fun part was figuring out the names we wanted to place on them.  Here are a few ideas:
  • Mummy B Ware
  • I Emma Ghost
  • Yul B. Next
  • U.R. Gone
  • Justine Tyme
  • Yetta Nother
  • C. U Later
  • I am Fred, Now I'm Dead
  • Barry M Deep
  • Ima Goner
  • Doug M. Upp
  • Willy Rott
  • Al B. Bach
  • Noah Pulse
  • Izzy Dead
  • Yule B. Heresoon
  • Seymour Spirits
  • Sto N. Cold
  • Lefty B. Hynde
  • M. T. Tomb
  • M. T. Box
  • Berry D. Hatchet
  • Fester N Rott
  • Hammond Eggs
  • Kerry M. Off
  • Justine Pieces
  • Will B. Back
  • Ben Rotting
Happy Haunting.  For more Halloween decorating ideas, check out my Pinterest Board for other links.  

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  1. These are so fun for Halloween! If we had a yard, I might just put up some of these for Halloween. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. We'll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

  2. These are great Pam! Love the Sto N Cold and Doug M Up. Thanks so much for sharing at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday party. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week, the party is live at 6 am est.
    Happy Thursday
    Maria @ Krafty Cards etc.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips at ITS PARTY TIME! I love Halloween and I'll be making these this year. :) Shared via G+. xoxo

  4. Great tombstones! My styrofoam tombstones never last outside here. October is just too windy. I've gone to heavier wooden ones. But the dremel tips still apply to those. I also paint them with a flat gray, then use a "stone" spray paint over that for the texture. (the flat gray paint saves $$, as you'd use a whole can of spray paint on only 2 tombstones at most)

  5. These are adorable Pam! My favorite is Yul B Next- LOL I am featuring it on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for linking up to Get Your DIY On and I hope to see you tomorrow sharing your pumpkin project with us!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog