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February 2015 Sketchbook Art - Take a look at all of my sketches from my Feb 2015 Sketchbook!

Merry & Bright Wood Carved SignThis project was fun and was similar to one I have done before as far as the finishing goes.  The first time I finished something like this, it was due to trying something that I didn't like and so I continued on until I loved it.  (continue reading)

And We Give Thanks Wood Carved SignWhat's a CNC Router, you ask?  It's a carving machine that will carve what you program it to carve.  We have a Carvewright by Craftsman and are working hard to get to know it better and all the things it is capable of.  I have made a few projects with it, but nothing like what it is truly capable of yet. (continue reading)  

DIY Halloween Boo SignWhen it is Fall and I just love to work with burlap! Here are some directions for making an adorable burlap "BOO" sign to display during the Halloween season.   (continue reading)

Halloween Haunted Yard with Black Lights We've hosted a few fun Halloween parties throughout the years.  The more we do it the more DIY things we find to do and add to our collection year after year.  We are more into cool effects than gory stuff.  So we have found decorating with black lights to be one of our favorite things to do!  

DIY Halloween Graveyard SignsThroughout the years, we have hosted quite a few Halloween parties, and it seems like our Halloween decor as grown.  We have had fun creating lots of homemade decor that is easy to make. 

DIY Halloween Wooden Blocks - Halloween is coming...and we love to decorate for Halloween.  My husband loves the scarier, cooler things, and I love the fun, kid friendly things.  I was looking for something to add to my Fall mantel and had some scrap wood left over from my newborn baby block projects.  And this is what came of it.  Below are step by step instructions on how you too can make these fun blocks.  

DIY Wooden Handmade Trivet -My craft this week is a trivet for the dinner table.  I really have needed to get new trivets, and decided instead of buying something, I will make a few wooden ones.  In our family, we use trivets all the time. Especially on pizza night, where we are bringing in hot pizzas either in personal pans or on a hot pizza stone fresh off of our Big Green Egg.  Hope you enjoy this simple, yet elegant design.   (continue reading)

Modpodged Monogrammed Letter Tutorial -In the midst of trying to update my house for the upcoming Spring, that I am SO looking forward to, I decided that I wanted to make a monogram letter of our last name.  And to make it very springy, I decided to modpodge some of my favorite scrapbooking papers to it.  So easy to do.  (continue reading)

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Blocks Tutorial -This week I have been feeling especially "springy" even though the weather where I live is no where near it yet.  But with St. Patrick's Day coming and Valentines Day over, it was time to update my mantle and to get creative a little.  Here is what my mantle looked like this morning.  It is always a challenge to decorate this mantle as it is 2 1/2 feet deep with a large picture window over it.  A great alcove, but small items can get lost on it.  So I try to find various size items to give it height and depth.    (continue reading)

Star LightI found a great easy project to add to my Christmas decor.  I found the idea on....Little Bit Funky blog.  Her instructions were so easy and YES it is made for under $5.  Here is what I did.   (continue reading)

Busy Bee -  Last but certainly not least, this is probably one of my favorite projects that I have created this Christmas season.  It is for a dear friend, who spent a career in the helicopter and always inspired me to create and find creative answers to any problems life throws at you.   (continue reading)

Frosty the SnowmanHere is just proof that you can make something out of almost nothing.  I was toying around with this scrap piece of wood and wasn't sure it could be anything.  BUT....I decided a snowman was something I might be able to make!  This was made from a scrap piece of fence post. 

Next time you have a scrap piece of wood, get creative.   (continue reading)

Believe SignHere is how I made this sign. 

1.  I used a craft board that is 3/8 x 6 x 24!  This is just a basic board that you can buy at any hardware store.  (continue reading) 

Carved sign...favorite Bible verseOne of my FAVORITE things to do is to router a wooden sign.  I have many versions I have created, but this is my newest and latest....and I love it!  I have designed it with my daughters favorite Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11.  I would love to share with you how I create these types of signs.  So here is my best tutorial for this sign.

Items needed:  (continue reading)

  Handmade HeadboardI knew I could do it.  I have seen such simple headboards in the stores that cost so much, that I knew I could buy my own wood and make it myself.  Here is how I did it!!! 

First I started with two stair posts as the outer edges for the headboard.    (continue reading)

Christmas OrnamentsThis is probably one of my favorite wood projects that I have done for Christmas.  These were the Christmas Ornaments for the 563D Aviation Support Battalion, 159 Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, at Fort Campbell, KY.  I love how rustic and adorable.  But most importantly it comes with many, many memories of our times with the 563D.  It is great memories and a time I know my family will never forget.  So this will hang on my Christmas tree forever!!!  (continue reading)

Salt Dough TagsI have been eyeballing many different versions of salt dough and clay dough tags and ornaments on Pinterest lately and wanted to attempt my own version.  I thought what a cute way to label gifts.

It became clear to me that I really wanted my own twist on these simple items.  And I think it worked.  So I wanted to share my technique with you!  (continue reading)

Think PinkOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so in honor of that and the upcoming Halloween, here is a craft for you to make...simple and inexpensive!!!  (continue reading)

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